The name “Nderit” is Masai and was the name of Richard Britten-Long and his brother Ian’s family Estate up country where they were brought up. Richard’s grandfather “Boy” Long came to Kenya at the turn of the Century as Lord Delamere’s ranch manager and his son’s tutor. Having served during the whole of The Great War in The Grenadier Guards, this very colourful character settled down to create The Nderit Estate better known today as Lake Nakuru National Park.


He and his wife Genesta had one son Robin. Robin served in The Royal Navy during the latter part of the 2nd World war with Dennis Wilson who was his life long best friend. They were at school together in Kenya, both later at Dartmouth Naval College.  It is the same Wilsons that own Kilifi Plantations on which Nderit House was the first property to be built along the sea front and right next door to Dennis. It was designed and built  by Robin & Liza as their holiday home in the early ‘70s and from where they could fish their hearts out for those huge Marlin and other bill fish off the Kenyan coast.


Nderit House is positioned so as to capture the sea breeze at all times of the year. It is set slightly back from the edge of the magnificent cliffs but through wide and lush gardens. The Villa was added by Richard in 2016; set right on the cliffs and is secluded. The total refurbishment of Nderit House  was completed in April 2019 and still captures the lovely neo-colonial era with a touch of Palm Beach! It is still very much Richard’s Family beach home and ideal for his children, his grandchildren and yours!